Software Update - SlinkE firmware v1.2


Link to zip file: SlinkE_Bootloader_Updater

Released 21 Oct 2016

This firmware update provide no additional functionality, and is only required to maintain compatibility with the updated bootloader v1.2.

Instructions for use

  1. There is no software installation required - just unzip and save the executable file in a convenient location (eg your Desktop, or My Documents folder).
  2. Connect a Jeti USBa adapter to a free port on your PC
  3. Double click to start the firmware updater
  4. When prompted, connect the Ext lead of your SlinkE to the USBa adapter.  Sometimes you may need to re-attempt connections a few times before the update program recognises the SlinkE.  This is normal.
  5. The update will begin and take a few seconds to complete.  When completed, disconnect the SlinkE and exit the program.