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SlinkE2 has arrived !

All good things come to those that wait (at least that's what my mother taught me) :)

After a much longer wait than I ever expected, I am happy to let everyone know that our next generation of S.Bus converter has been released.  SlinkE2 is now available from our online store, and also from eSoaringGadgets in the UK.

So what's new ?  Faster, more powerful processor.  New configuration options, accessible via Jetibox.  More convenient cable arrangement.  More features will come in the next firmware release also !

What hasn't changed ?  Simplicity and reliability.  Plug it in and it works.

Read more on the Products page here.


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New products coming soon !

There will be a range of new products released over the coming weeks.  Some nice customisations for your Jeti transmitter (DC14, DS14, DC16, DS16) that will enhance its appearance and extend its functionality, and some neat airborne gadgets also.  You can see a bit of a sneak peak below - one is visible in this picture, but one isn't :)

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SlinkE back in stock !

There have some delays over the past few months with re-stocking SlinkE devices.  The good news is that a new batch of SlinkE's have been released for sale, and healthy stock levels will continue into the future.  Thank you for your patience!

Partly the delays have been due to manufacturing issues, partly due to efforts being put into new device developments, and partly due to uncertainty surrounding Jeti's intentions with their D.Bus firmware.  These issues aren't expected to have impact going forward.

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