SlinkE2 update, and cable options

Progress Update

The new SlinkE2 is getting very close :)

The first batch has been assembled, and firmware is being finalised.  There are many small details to finish off though (like labels), so final delivery may still be some weeks away.


Cable Options

The original SlinkE used fairly standard JR-style flat servo cables, with gold plated pins/sockets and PVC insulation.  These performed perfectly well, but for the SlinkE2, I was looking to see if there was something better.

So after much searching, I have found a source for a premium servo cable.  It is the same style that you may have seen used by Emcotec, and on the Zepsus magnetic switches.

It is made in Germany, with twisted, flexible silicone insulated wire and high quality gold plated pins.  Compared to a standard servo cable, it offers:

  • higher temperature resistance (up to 180°C)
  • greater flexibility
  • higher elongation before break
  • very high quality gold plated sockets

But of course along with the quality of these cables being premium, there is a premium on the cost also.  The premium cable would increase the price of the SLinkE2 by approximately US$3-4.

I like things that are well made, but I appreciate that for some people, great value is very important too.

So, here is your chance to provide feedback on what is important for you.  Select your preferred cable below then click on the vote button.  Your input is really appreciated !